Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Rejuvenated JTLG Team Fell Short at the End Game

by Leo C. Diarios (PBL Official Sports Writer)

Fresh from their win against UR2, the CLSF was looking forward to another victory against the struggling JTLG.

As the bell sounded, the game was controlled surprisingly by the Blue Archers. The CLSF was playing a catch-up game all throughout the 1st half. The JTLG was playing a very inspired game that night in spite of the towering presence of Santos from the other team. They were even out-rebounding the big men of the Golden Arrows, mostly snatching balls from the hands of their opposing rebounders. The score was close but the CLSF could not break the plays of the Blue Archers. While Playing-coach Leo Bungay had the luxury of playing an 11-man rotation against the undermanned team of JTLG, yet they could not take the initiative from their more determined opponents. It was Articona who scored the 1st six points for CLSF and the score was 10 – 8 after 6 minutes of play. After a timeout by JTLG, the Blue Archers went wild throwing baskets after baskets, 22 – 14, 3:39 left. That 8 point lead was the highest lead in that game. The 1st half ended with JTLG up, 24 – 20. The CLSF could not see what hit them.

The 2nd half was a thrilling match between the two teams. The Blue Archers maintained their lead and had a lucky 3-point shot from Dela Cruz when the time was expiring. Cuesta of the Golden Arrows countered with his own surprised 3-point release and from there, the CLSF slowly inched closer to JTLG, 32 -35, with 6:40 left, until they finally took their 1st lead of the game at 39 – 38, time at 5:02 remaining. The JTLG was rattled in that stage and could not set their plays well. They were now playing the catch-up game and they knew that time was not on their side. The CLSF continued to distance themselves from JTLG but to no more than 5 points, the last at 44 – 39, 3:50. Both teams entered the penalty zone but not too many shooters were brought to the free throw line. In the last 3:00 of play, Santos blocked the shot of Enriquez underneath the basket to foil the rally of the Blue Archers. Maintaining their poise this time, the Golden Arrows simply sailed thru the finish line, hanging on to their biggest lead of 6 points at the final buzzer. Only few scored for both teams, CLSF had 6 players in the scoreboard while JTLG had only 5 players registering at the scoresheet.

It was a tight battle for both teams with JTLG showing a more cohesive team compared to their lost 1st game against the JUSL. The Blue Archers are set to face the UR2 in their next game to complete the 1st half of the elimination phase of the PBL Season 4.

Kuya Robert Punzalan did a good job in the Committee Table during the 2 scheduled games, temporarily taking over the rein from kuya Lito Manuyag who was on vacation. Kudos to kuya Odie for the sumptuous meal he cooked and delivered at the court for the PBL officials to share.

The score:
CLSF (51) – Reyes (15), Articona (11), Santos (10), Balucan (6), Cuesta (5), Peralta (4)
JTLG (45) – Lagro (12), Enriquez (12), Dela Cruz (11), Hermosura (6), Seno (4)

Best Player: Reyes (CLSF)
Best Crowd Support / Morale Booster: Barangay JTLG
Hero of the Game: PBL Commissioner (for going out of his way to share some food)

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