Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Stroll in the Hardcourt

by Leo C. Diarios, PBL Official Sports Writer

The 3rd game of the day was held in a breezy afternoon. Families were present around the court and children were having fun all around. No wonder, it was family day after all.

Everyone was busy at the table committee. They came early and, surprisingly, a Saudi visitor, claiming to be a representative of Al Rajhi Bank, came to see the on-going tournament and talked with our Pag-asa officials. Friends from the S & L covered the game with a video and they lent their TV monitor to our Table officials for viewing. Wow, these were signs of good things coming the Pag-asa way in days ahead.

The bell sounded and the toss-up was made at the center-court. The 1st possession went to JCLORIM, wearing bright Purple uniforms. They converted the 1st basket of the game and from there, a series of turnover followed because of defense applied by both teams. 2 – 0 was the score after 2:16. The Whiteners, symbolic of salt & light, could only convert a lone free throw after 4:41 against the 6-point produced by JCLORIM.

Shooting a basket was a rarity that afternoon. The score was a low 6 – 3 after 6:15 of play, JLORIM maintaining their slim margin. Quick 3 baskets, 2 from Sayson, doubled the production of JCLORIM, 12 – 3 with 7:24 remaining in the 1st half. Both teams entered the penalty early on the game. Fegarino of the S&L converted a long 3-point shot that brought the house down from the side of the S&L crowd. But this was quickly answered by a 3-point bomb of Purple Lights courtesy of Polo. From there, it was all business for JCLORIM where they asserted their might underneath the goals. Suddenly, their 9-point lead ballooned to a 20-point advantage at the end of the 1st half, 35 – 15 was the score. As hard as they tried, the Whiteners could not bring the ball inside their basket in their many attempts. Te wind seemed to be blowing against them.

At the sound of the buzzer signaling the start of the 2nd half, the ball went to S & L but there was nothing new the S&L could do to increase their production. On the other hand, the dribblers of JCLORIM were simply strolling in the hard-court, even padding their lead to 26 big points, 43 – 17 with still plenty of time remaining, 11:16. Their basket conversions were trickling like little rain during summertime. But their crowd never gave up. They would always rejoice for every point counted for S&L.

Entering the last 2:00 of the game, JCLORIM had saved already 30-point margin, 63 – 33. Even at the last 0:40 seconds, Laganson made a graceful baby hook for JCLORIM. Everyone played strong in Purple Lights, making them a big contender and a team to watch. The final score ended at 72 -33 for the jubilant JCLORIM.

The score:
JCLORIM (72) – Obeynis (16), Sayson (15), Magcalas (10), Arco (9), Polo (5), Parales (5), Dayag (4), Laganson (4), Agustino (4)
S & L (33) – Mallari (11), Soriano (8), Fegarino (7), Esmalde (3), Iquindo (2), Deslate (2)

Best Player: Obeynis (JCLORIM)
Best Crowd Support / Morale Booster: S & L supporters H
Hero of the game: S & L brethren

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