Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Hatchet Job for the Bulldozer

by Leo C. Diarios, PBL Oficial Sports Writer

Always a perennial contender, the UR1 exhibited their deadly duo in the person of De Rama and Venias. The score was very low, 9 – 7, with only 7:3 to go. As the amiable announcer said, the UR1 was like a diesel engine. Once it gets started, it would go all the way thru. And true to his word, the tandem of De Rama and Venias got their bearing and there was no turning back from there.

This partnership, in spite of the walled-like defense applied by CCWIM, simply put their team a higher notch above the rest. They were so competitive and knew exactly the moves of each one. They were like the Mutt & Jeff in a comic strip, in the mold of Stockton-Malone of the Utah Jazz, the Parker – Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs. These two are so very strong and very effective. It is but fitting for me to give them tribute for their outstanding partnership. They are an awesome team when playing together. A joy to watch when they play but a terror to them who play against them. De Rama – Venias, what a terrific partnership, indeed.

De Rama set the tone for UR1 with plenty of conversion underneath the basket by bulldozing his way in. He was awarded 7 free-throws in the 1st half alone and converted all but one, 3 of which resulting from a 3-point play. He also released a lone 3-point shot and made it. The 1st half was all De Rama show, making 19 big points of the 35-point production of UR1. The 1st half ended with the score of 35 – 24, in favor of UR1.

The 2nd half started with Venias in the line-up. De Rama was temporarily given a breather in preparation for the last minutes of play. Venias did not let down his coach and teammates, and his own legion of fans as well, by taking the bludgeon from his long-time friend.

Regardless of the score, CCWIM never bogged down in their defense, thus, resulting in their early penalty. The same went well with UR1, in spite of their comfortable lead, they never gave their opponents easy looks at their basket. They, too, went into penalty at an early stage of the 2nd half. It was a battle of free-throw shots where UR1 converted 29 points and CCWIM making 16 conversion of their own. It was a battle of nerves and the final score was 76 – 57, UR1 winning their 1st game.

The score:
UR1 (76) – De Rama (34), Venias (21), Ranoa (8), Lorzano (6), Peratel (4), Umbao (3)
CCWIM (57) – Layman (25), Dagangon (10), Pajarillo (8), Mercado (6), Conejos (4), Golpeo (2), Manuel (2),

Best Player: De Rama (UR1)
Best Crowd Support / Morale Booster: CCWIM
Hero of the game: Scorer from JCLORIM

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