Monday, October 13, 2008

A Case of Misspelled Word

When I was in Riyadh last week, I fortunately (or unfortunately) tumbled upon one of the evidences of misspelled words or ungrammatical phrases prevalent not only in China, but in every non-English speaking countries like Saudi Arabia.

To validate this claim, I made it sure to have a concrete proof of what I saw lest am might be mistaken to have been hypnotized or simply mesmerized by it.So here it is. The word toilet becomes "toilat". OMG! This is taken at the mall at the ground floor of the Kingdom Tower, Riyadh.

There's a lot more like this that you can see around. Open your eyes wide and shift it left and right, and am sure you'll find one.

Beleive me.... oppss.. I mean believe me.



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